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The Bluetooth® lighthouse for your promotions.

Is a small, Bluetooth® device. When placed in a physical space, such as your retail store, it broadcasts tiny radio signals around itself at low power consumption.

Just like a small lighthouse is able to interact with smartphones that enter its field of action.

Your customers will then receive custom notifications while they walk through your store or interact with your products.

Using Bluetooth® technology, the device is able to estimate the position of the smartphones and interact with them by exchanging data and information.

The micro-location system is able to locate mobile devices that are as close as four inches away, or as far as over 200 feet away.

An example retail implementation:

The Beacons technology is based on three primary concepts:


Displaying on the display of your smartphone the distance between the beacon and the mobile device, customers will be able to navigate easily locate and highlight products.


Through the ability to transmit greeting messages or information to customers transiting in the vicinity of your store, you can them curious and invite them to join.


In real time, while your customers through pre-defined perimeters inside the store, it will be possible to transmit information on the products on display.

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