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Go Five (Operational Management 5) is a fully flexible management software system, the first on the market which enables users to keep a record of weather conditions at their points of sale. This function gives retailers real statistics on shop performance. Weather conditions influence buying patterns and customer flow and it is therefore necessary to be able to assess this data properly.

To obtain information or statistics in real time all you need to do is query the system from any computer connected to the internet or even your iPhone.

Thanks to the new system for managing orders and packing lists, loading stock at the warehouse is no longer a problem. All the data from Benetton TV can be uploaded to the system in a simple and intuitive manner.

As well as the specific checkout functions developed to handle all types of operations, the system accesses the data that members of staff need in order to manage the point of sale.

Some examples:

  • Visualization in real time of stock levels at a specific point of sale or other points of sale belonging to the same group, or of a specific item by size, colour and collection.

  • Management of transfer of items between points of sale belonging to the same group.

  • Management of items reserved by clients or members of personnel.

  • List of items sold in a given period of time, customizable by brand, gender, yarn and category of item (extremely useful for restocking).

  • Monitoring sales targets for the point of sale and comparing takings with data from the previous year.

  • Option of sending emails from the office.

  • Issue of invoices.

  • Issue of gift tokens and advance payments.

  • Execution of total or partial inventories, manually or with the use of scanners.

  • Management of payments in foreign currency.


Security is guaranteed by access through a SSL 256 BIT protocol released by the leading Certification Authority “Go Daddy”.


The high reliability and high capacity infrastructure at the Amazon EC2 data center allows great flexibility in system performance, the fully redundant platform (also geographically) provides a high level of reliability in case of breakdowns and downtime.

A list of features that Go Five provides to administrators

  • With one simple query, the “dashboard” visualizes the global performance of the company, including the evolution of the profit margin.

  • Simple operations to manage orders and packing lists.

  • Management of non-seasonal ranges, highlighting minimum stock.

  • Global and targeted inventory procedures.

  • Monitoring stock levels in single or grouped warehouses.
    stock queries in terms of type, size, colour, etc..

  • Management of assigned budgets.

  • Statistics on takings, sales per gender, type, range, etc..

  • Internal email to circulate information to points of sale in real time.

  • Management of client fidelity cards.

  • Monitoring of discounts applied.

  • Monitoring takings at all points of sale in real time, compared to the takings on the same day the previous year (also via text message and email).

  • Sales and promotions (percentage discounts, discounts in euro or set prices) which can be programmed for each point of sale, brand, category of goods, item code, colour, etc.

  • Updates on takings at all points of sale in real time, compared to takings on the same day the previous year it is possible to receive (by email and text message) an automatic report detailing the takings of your shops. This can be scheduled at set times and on the days you choose.

Go Five presents its new mobile platform. This is the only mobile management software that enables you to check on the situation in your Benetton, Sisley, Undercolours, 012 or Playlife shop in real time..

Go Five mobile App 1.9

Full control
With our new iPhone application you can monitor your stores directly from your iPhone and iPad wherever you are!
Multi User
You can easily manage multiple users and stores.
You can compare real time sales in your store with data from the previous year, you can also check local weather conditions and temperature.
The App let you see also the growth trend of your stores.
You can convey messages in all your outlets in real-time and always be in touch with them.

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