Now GO Five has introduced the possibility to use the Passbook system for customer fidelity and gift cards.

Benefits to customers and stores:

Go Five has improved its services and allows you to create Fidelity and Gift cards, and forward them by email to selected customers. This technology is compatible with Apple Passbook.

All iPhones and iPads are currently equipped with this technology from iOS6. Yet it is also easy and free to install on Androids and Windows devices.

Thanks to Passbook, the customer will be able to keep and organise their virtual cards using just one smartphone. The Store-managers will save time on the creation of the fidelity cards and gift cards.

Furthermore, it is possible to customize the graphic templates of these virtual cards.

How it work?

Unlike traditional cards, all the customer needs to do is head to the till with their smartphones. By means of a barcode reader, provided with the QRcode system, fidelity or gift cards will be read.

Thanks to the geo localization, whenever a customer is nearby or enters the shop, the badge will appear automatically on the screen of their smartphone.

This makes it easier for the customers to find their fidelity card while queuing at the cash till.